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Parene Buchty (A Recipe From Slovakia)

Parene Buchty

Last night we cooked a dish which I first tried this summer in the beautiful Slovakia. The dish is called Parene Buchty (pronounced bookhti). These are a sort of large steam-cooked dumplings with a filling inside, which makes it quite a heavy food, but we tried to adapt the original recipe by taking fine flour instead of coarse flour and making the dumplings smaller in size (I think ours were about twice as small).

I also spent some time at the supermarket choosing the right plum jam for the filling, as I needed a very thick, yet not gelatinous jam. If it is jelly-like, it will melt too soon and may start leaking, you know. Finally I discovered a jam I had never tried before, which turned out to be pretty good. And it never bubbled or leaked.

So, if you want a substantial, folksy Eastern European dessert, here is the Parene Buchty recipe.


250 ml milk
450 g wheat flour
1 egg
350 g thick plum jam
25 g yeast
2 tbsp sugar
A pinch of salt
1-2 tbsp vegetable oil

Makes 24 buchtas (3-4 pieces per serving)

Warm the milk a little bit, just so that it’s a bit warmer than room temperature. Dissolve the yeast in approximately half of the milk.

Yeast and Milk

Add the remaining milk, flour, egg, sugar, and salt. Beat the dough with a mixer and then knead by hand a little bit. Cover the dough and leave it for 30-40 minutes, until it rises approximately double.

Beat the dough


When the dough has risen, roll it out about 7 mm thick, and cut in 24 square pieces. Put a teaspoon of plum jam

on each square. Make sure you do not put too much filling, otherwise it will tear the pastry and leak!

Pastry with Jam

Now, seal the buchtas by folding them as envelopes first and then sealing tightly. Put the buchtas on a flour-sprinkled surface.

Sealing a buchta

Raw Buchtas

In a saucepan, bring to boil 2 cups of water and place a steamer over the boiling water. Brush the steamer with some vegetable oil to prevent buchtas from sticking to it!
Place a few buchtas in the steamer. Leave some space between them, as they will grow as they cook. We placed 6 pieces at a time, but of course this depends on the size of your steamer and saucepan.

Note the time as you put the last buchta in the steamer and cook them for 20 minutes. Keep the water boiling. Add more water if necessary as you start to cook the next set.

Parene Buchty
There are many traditional ways to serve Parene Buchty, as I have learned. For example, when I was in Slovakia, we served them with chocolate pudding sauce; you might as well serve them with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and caster sugar; or use any other type of dressing. My Mom’s and my choice was plain chocolate dressing, as we figured this type of dessert required a simple garnish.

Parene Buchty
Note: ready buchtas should be spongy and moist inside, like a slightly undercooked bread.

Parene Buchty

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38 Responses

  1. averagebetty says:

    This looks so delicious - the pictures are beautiful! It would be interesting to see if this soft-spongy dough would be good as a savory treat too… Hmm. Thank you!

  2. fero says:

    I’m Slovak and this food is delicious, it’s hard to made good dough but it’s well described. So good appetite.

  3. Alina says:

    Averagebetty, thank you for your comment - as far as I know, this dish is traditionally made sweet, but why not try a savoury version too?.. :)

    Fero, d’akujem za komentar :) Another tasty dish I’ve learned in SK is Vypražany syr, I’m going to post it here someday too!

  4. Tony says:

    These do look remarkably tasty, and I do love plum jam. I imagine making your own is best. Will be saving this recipe.

  5. Jim says:

    Great Site:
    Chinese use bun noodle steamed for “dim sum”.
    They use them for both savory & sweet.


  6. Dina says:

    that dough looks fantastic. so does the plum sauce. yum!

  7. Silvia says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE. This is a dish Slovaks eat as dinner or lunch. It is the kids’ favorite. Try “Lekvar” (you can find it in Top Foods), it is prune jam. That works well as the filling.
    For topping use poppy seeds. Grind the poppy seeds in coffee grinder and then mix with powder sugar in a bowl. Sprinkle it over the buchtas and pour warm milk (with a little of butter) over the poppy seeds.

  8. Alina says:

    Silvia, thank you for your comment! That’s great you told us about the poppy seed topping! Yeah we made this with lekvar when I was in SK but here in Latvia prune jam is slightly different!

  9. Jade says:

    WOW!! I spent a year in Slovakia in 2007 and am looking for recipes of all the dishes I ate, this is awesome, can’t wait to cook it for the fam :D thank you

  10. BradK says:

    I always thought Buchty was baked in an oven. Not to take away the dumpling concept, because these look delicious with the plum filling. These remind me more of Czechoslovak fruit dumplings my grandmother used to make. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  11. [...] and, along with 2 lbs of rhubard (for a jam that will fill this Easter weekend’s dessert of parené buchty or steamed sweet buns), brought 2 quarts of the smoked olives, knowing exactly what I would be [...]

  12. [...] and, along with 2 lbs of rhubard (for a jam that will fill this Easter weekend’s dessert of parené buchty or steamed sweet buns), brought 2 quarts of the smoked olives, knowing exactly what I would be [...]

  13. Jason Weasel says:

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    With kind regards

    • Sujon says:

      I used to watch my babka mnkaig these in Hostovice, Slovakia. The trick in mnkaig the buchty na pare perfectly round without jam getting everywhere is to do it as follows:1. roll out the dough into a rectangle2. take a small cup and mark circles on 1st half of the rolled dough3. place jam in the middle of the marked circles4. fold the 2nd half of the dough over the 1st half5. with the same cup cut out the circular shapes over the folded dough.You get perfect circles, the cutting wiht the cup seals the lower and upper part of the dough together with no messy jam and your buchty na pare will look like your babka’s buchty.Enjoy

    • risk simply says:

      Finding this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

    • That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contributing.

    • Cameron says:

      Enjoyed the recipes, while I am not of slvaok heritage, my husband is and enjoys slvaok food. Do you have a recipe for Knedle. While visiting relatives in Slovakia last year, I tried to learn the secrets of knedle. However, I have not had luck making it here in the USA. I know that the flour is different in Slovakia than we have in our regular grocery stores.

    • Atieye says:

      I spend months triyng to figure out why oh why my parena knedla or the buchty dough wouldn’t rise .tnanks to your step by step pictures,i finally managed to roll out my perfect little daughter really enjoyed the kneading process.anyway,the dough is rising in the oven and tomorrow we will have nungerian goulash with the dumplings

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    • Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Thanks!

    • Cabdi says:

      I make my Babka’s Buchty dough in my bread machine and then just do the same/similar steps as above for the Buchty. My Babka came to live with us seeravl times for the winter (since winter is so cold in Slovakia) so she and I worked side by side she did a mug of this, pinch of that and I measured/weighed it and wrote it down.My bread machine making the dough for me and makes it a recipe that before I made maybe once a year, to a recipe I can make once a month! This is my boys favorite dish and they beg for it all the time!

  15. Gary Gemmell says:

    When i am in Lada near Presov with my relatives they use chocolate for the centre - much better than Jam!!!


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  20. Lionel says:

    Am so happy a dear friend sent me your web site-I still make some Slovak cokeios for Christmas and Easter as instructed by my mother. Most of my relatives are now gone and now I have a place to look for some of the older receipes of foods that I remember eating as a child.

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  25. Okivia says:

    How long after making theses will they last

    • Gary Gemmell says:

      Not long they actually need to be eaten right away straight from the steamer within a few hours - if you leave them even for a day they will loose that fluffy goodness and go all dry and although you can pump them back up in a microwave with some water but they wont taste as delicious or fresh! The ones you buy in Billa or Lidl dont taste as good as fresh. Buchty to bve authentic have to be made and eaten fresh from the steamer - anything else just isnt the real thing!

  26. Gary Gemmell says:

    They taste the best by putting either jam , chocolate or some other filling in them before you steam them!

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