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Sweet Milk Soup with Filini Pasta

Posted By Alina On November 24, 2009 @ 16:10 In Russian, Soup | 6 Comments

There’re some things from our childhood that we start to value only after we’ve grown up. Remember those novels and poetry from Literature classes back in school – a good deal of them seemed so tedious back then, but now as we’ve grown up we re-read them and finally discover all the sophistication, and the irony, and the beauty of language, and the vividness of author’s imagination. The same thing goes for food. A lot of my friends hated milk&noodles when they were children. One of the reasons might be that milk&noodles used to be a standing dish in nursery schools. Luckily, I never went to a nursery school, so I enjoyed my milk soup made by my Mom’s caring hands. And yeah, Mom always removed milk skins (the only cringe-making part about boiled milk, to my mind). Nowadays I still enjoy sweet milk soup with leftover Filinis as a comforting evening meal or lunch… just as much as I enjoy re-reading books from my teenage years.



1 1/2 cup milk (I prefer 3.5% fat)
2 tbsp cream
½ cup cooked Filini pasta
1 ½ tsp white sugar
1/3 tsp vanilla sugar

Serves 1


Okay this is not really a recipe because it’s too simple. Just boil the milk and add in cooked Filini pasta. Add in sugar, vanilla sugar, and cream. Stir gently… and enjoy while warm!
You might also try adding a couple of tablespoons coconut milk instead of cream, or experiment with different kinds of vanilla flavouring!

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