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Vyprážaný syr (Slovak Fried Cheese)

Vyprazany syr
I’ve been going to post this recipe for ages but never had any decent photos! Today I finally wasn’t in a hurry (you know, Vyprážaný syr is a very quick dish to make, so it’s good to make when you’re short on time) so I made some shots for our blog!
Vyprážaný syr is probably my favourite recipe from Slovakia. I had eaten it a few times in my hometown before, but it was Slovakia where I first tried it as a main course – accompanied by pommes frites and vegetables. I have to say there is quite a limited choice of main courses for vegetarians in Slovak restaurants, so I always opted for fried cheese – and never regretted that, as it was equally delicious in all towns I visited. This summer I learned how to make it at home, and even though I haven’t yet mastered the technique of frying cheese so that it never leaks out of the crust (tips and suggestions are welcome!), I have made some useful notices about the process in general. The first one is to use a harder sort of cheese with few holes – Gouda cheese is pretty perfect in this respect. Another thing I consider crucial is the breadcrumbs. Do not use any store-bought breadcrumbs; make your own for an extra-crunchy, extra-flaky crust. The smell of fried home-made breadcrumbs mixed with eggs is so cosy and warming!



6 slices of Gouda cheese, 0.7cm to 1 cm thin
2 eggs
3 tbsp milk
1 cup breadcrumbs
½ cup wheat flour
½ tsp salt
Vegetable oil

Serves 3


In a medium-sized bowl, beat the eggs with milk and salt.
Coat each slice of cheese in flour. Take the slices one by one and soak them in the egg mix, then coat with breadcrumbs, then return to the egg mix and coat with breadcrumbs again. That is, each slice of cheese should have a single layer of flour and two layers of eggs and breadcrumbs. Don’t forget to coat the edges well, otherwise cheese will leak as soon as you put it into the pan (Okay mine leaks anyway from time to time, but things could be worse!).

Ingredients for Vyprazany syr

Making Vyprazany syr

In a large frying pan, heat about 3 tablespoons vegetable oil and put the slices of cheese into it. Fry them on a medium high heat on both sides, until golden. Add a tablespoon oil or more as you turn the cheese over.

Frying Vyprazany syr

Originally Vyprážaný syr is served with pommes frites and fresh vegetables. We prefer a lighter option with Frillice, black olives and tomato salad and fresh ciabatta. I also enjoy a weird combination of Vyprážaný syr with some slices of mozzarella in the salad – I call this Cross-national Double Cheese! :)

Vyprazany syr

Vyprazany syr

Vyprazany syr

To prepare home-made breadcrumbs, grind slices of dry wheat bread on a hand grinder. In a non-stick pan, toast the breadcrumbs for a couple of minutes until dry and slightly golden.

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26 Responses

  1. please please please send me some yumm yumm yumm oh I love fried cheese thank you for posting :)

  2. This sounds wonderful. I applaud your healthy instincts, but fries on the side sound pretty tasty to me!

  3. Hi Alina,
    I love your photos and post, and I love fried cheese (Smažený sýr).In Czech Republic it’s made with Edam. I haven’t tried this is Slovakia but here it’s also very popular and one of my favorite Czech dishes. Since they used to be one country it’s no surprise to find it in Slovakia and in Czech Republic.

  4. Craig loves gouda. This is one that we’ll be making. I never thought of frying it.

  5. Alina says:

    Pegasuslegend, glad to hear you like fried cheese too! ^_^
    Vegetable Matter, I thought YOU would always opt for vegetables! :D I love French fries, but two fried products on the same plate is a little bit too much for me :)
    Spicie Foodie, can you imagine I’ve never been to CR before :( but I’m sure I’ll visit it sooner or later and try their Smažený sýr. Fried Edam must be great!
    My Man’s Belly, I’ll be happy if you try this - and of course I hope you and Craig will like it!

  6. suzanna says:

    Hello, I come from Slovakia and I was very surprised to find out from our Estonian friend that she knows this dish too. She said it remained her childhood.
    Many Slovaks serve this with tartar sauce, too.
    Personally, I prefer parene buchty ;-)

  7. Alina says:

    Suzanna, nice to meet you! ^_^ yeah I loved tartar sauce, maybe I’ll even buy some next time I visit SK. Thanks for reminding me!
    I actually think I first tried fried cheese in Tallinn!:) it was served as an appetizer.

  8. vladimir says:

    I love that recepy also sure i do i am from slovakia the cheese we use for it is called hermelien.

  9. phil says:

    wow - how could one ever go wrong with fried cheese?!? looks fantastic…

  10. Sofya says:

    They had this in Bulgaria (where I lived for 4 years), and that was a tad much for me! Although I do love deep-fried cheese curds.

    • Alina says:

      Wow, you have lived in Bulgaria? I’ve never been there before. Hmm I have to confess I love all things with fried cheese, all kinds of cheese fritters etc. Although I know that’s pretty unhealthy :)

  11. Paula says:

    Hi Alina,
    I’m from CZ, not sure where do you live now, but here in Canada all cheeses contains much more fat then back home that is why is your cheese lealing out. I love Smazeny syr, and I try double breading, philo dough, whap it in ham…. still leaking.
    So if someone had any ideas….

  12. Alina says:

    thank you for your input! I’ve never thought of this, hmm! I live in Latvia so we should have more or less similar products, but I guess all products differ from country to country…this can be problematic! My b/f’s Mother says I should use more oil when frying, that it would prevent the cheese from leaking… *think* Let me know if you find a way to solve this problem without adding more oil!!

  13. Linichka says:

    Try it in Romania - best of all. It’s called kaskaval pane. Each place renders it differently - but all renditions are delicious.

  14. [...] Vyprážaný syr (Slovak Fried Cheese) – Russian Season: Russian and Eastern European Cuisine. [...]

  15. Jana says:


    tip like 2in1 - it can be used to stop cheese leaking and also make fried food lighter and healthier - insted of using flour-eggs-breadcrumbs change to breadcrumbs - eggs - breadcrumbs.

    And more about leaking cheese, it s erasier when you put the cheese after “getting a breadcrumb coat” to deep-food-freezer for day or two at least, also before frying it you can put the readytouse cheese to stir eggwhite and frying it afterwards, helps a lot :)

    Anyway your recipes are great, keep on awesome work! :)

  16. Alina says:

    Hi Jana, wow thank you for these tips, I will try them next time! Stano made it just a week ago so I think we’ll only make it next month now. I’ve never thought of chilling the cheese, will try that!

  17. Lovely blog, it loads really fast and appears really awesome.

  18. Jonna says:

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  19. It looks great, I followed the instructions and succeeded. Thanks the author. I often follow this blog and will introduce it to other mothers milking mothers

  20. Cheeses are often confused by the processing because they do not know how they can be eaten delicious and right taste. But now is different because of this article of yours

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