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Anchovy Stuffed Eggs

Posted By Alina On January 8, 2010 @ 02:02 In Russian | 10 Comments

Eggs stuffed with cream of anchovies is a dish my Grandmother always makes for her birthday. This year she also made these for Russian Christmas, although I’d certainly relate this dish to Soviet traditions. Personally I don’t like boiled eggs, but I took step-by-step notes and photos as Granny prepared the eggs today. I thought that those of you who eat hard-boiled eggs, might like the combination of spicy anchovies, egg yolk, onions, and mustard on an egg. Besides, this is one of the key dishes in the Soviet cuisine, so in case you’re interested in cooking traditions of the former USSR, here’s the recipe!


8 hard-boiled eggs
10 anchovies
1 medium-sized onion, minced
70g butter, room temperature
1 tbsp sour cream
½ tsp Russian mustard
¼ tsp black pepper


Combine minced onion, anchovies, butter, mustard, and pepper. Blend well with fork.

Halve the eggs and separate yolks from whites.

Add egg yolks to the anchovy mix and blend with fork.
Add in sour cream. Stir well.

With a teaspoon, fill the egg whites with the anchovy paste as shown in the pictures below.
Decorate with fresh herbs, black olives, or serve with pickles.

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