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Mimosa Layered Salad

Posted By Alina On January 20, 2010 @ 17:07 In Russian | 48 Comments

Doesn’t this salad look like a work of abstract art?

The name Mimosa (wattle) comes from the colour and texture of this salad. Bright orange carrots and egg whites with mayonnaise are topped with small yellow grains of egg yolk, which look exactly like fluffy mimosa flowers. Yes, yes, I know mayo would put off many of you. But, there are solutions. Use light mayonnaise that is low in fat, or make your own! I haven’t tried preparing my own mayonnaise yet, but I’ve seen the process of making it and that didn’t look like anything too complicated!

We also like our Mimosa salad with canned saury fish instead of tuna. It’s not as fancy as tuna, but it has a richer, smoky flavour and it’s more salty.

Oh and I am already thinking of a menu for my birthday, which is at the end of the month (I wonder how many Aquarians are reading me by the way?!). I’ve found these Italian White Wine cookies [1] which I might try – they look very simple and light and airy. I don’t feel like baking any great pies or cakes (like we did for New Year’s), rather something petite and feminine. But I really don’t know what… I mean I can’t choose. I have so many bookmarks of fantastic recipes I’ve found online, that I guess I’ll have to close my eyes and click on two or three random recipes!

Speaking about bookmarking recipes, how do you manage your online culinary archives/discoveries? Do you use your RSS reader, or your browser bookmarking system, or an external social bookmarking service? I’m curious as it’s been only half a year and I’m already desperate to keep my favourites in order…



2 onions
4 carrots
4 hard-boiled eggs
250g canned tuna fish
200g Provencal mayonnaise
Vegetable oil

Serves 6


Boil unpeeled carrots in plain water until ready.

Slice the onions in half-rings and fry them with vegetable oil and salt until golden-brown. Set to cool when ready.

When the carrots are ready, remove the skins and grate them coarsely. Set to cool.

Grate egg whites on a medium grater. Crumble the yolks.

Put fried onions on bottom of your salad bowl. Spread about a tablespoon mayonnaise over them.

Using a fork, divide the tuna fish into bite size pieces (or smaller) and put them onto onions and mayonnaise.
Cover the fish with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

The next layer is the boiled carrots, which you also cover with some mayo.

Next, make a layer of boiled egg whites. Personally I don’t like egg whites so if I make this salad for myself, I keep this layer as thin as possible and use only 2 egg whites or so (yes I throw away the rest, leaving only the yolks!). Spread some mayonnaise over the egg whites and top the salad with crumbled egg yolks.

Leave the Mimosa salad in the fridge for an hour or two before serving.

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