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Quince Butter

Quince Butter

I had never seen quince in our supermarkets until this year. Now I’m thinking that all of our supermarket chains buy in foods from the same wholesaler, because quince suddenly appeared in ALL major supermarkets. Okay… Quince jam is quite a classical feature of Russian cooking, yet I have never had it before. I’ve always been curious what it tastes like!! I still haven’t made quince jam however, because this fruit is very expensive here, and I’ve been feeling stingy:) In fact when I bought quinces for the first time, the lady at the checkout asked what this was… yeah seems like it’s still too rare here!

Therefore, I made some quince butter - just for dessert. I baked two quinces with a lot of butter and then pureed them. Because I baked them, the butter had a subtle nutty flavour and was opaque and thick. The colour was very interesting too - I couldn’t tell whether it was beige or rose or milky yellow. I really liked the mild, warm flavour that resembled baked apples with a hint of pineapple and citrus. I’m not sure if I can eat a lot of quince now as I breastfeed, so I just tested the butter and gave it to my sister. In fact I’d love to make some yummy preserves or desserts in small pretty jars and give them as Christmas presents, but I doubt that this is possible with a 2 1/2-month-old. Even though she is getting more and more independent! Yes, she now seems really independent compared to what she was a month ago, when I just couldn’t leave her alone for a single minute. Now she can play on her own for half an hour for example and I can do my chores… or blog! And then, we have a fantastic family and a brilliant Daddy who spends really a lot of time with the baby!

Baked Quince Butter

2 medium-sized quinces, peeled, cored and quartered
120g/4oz butter, cut into cubes
1tsp vanilla sugar
1/4 cup sugar
Small pinch of kosher salt

Place quinces into a deep baking form. Add butter, sugar, vanilla, and a sprinkle of salt. Bake at 180C/350F until tender.
Puree baked quinces until smooth. Make sure you collect all melted butter and process it together with quince.
Allow to cool.

Baked Quince Butter on Bread

And here’s what you can see from my window on a winter afternoon:

Vid iz okna

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  1. Genevieve says:

    The Quince butter is fantastic!I doubled the recipe and made it in the slow cooker…delicious! I’m going to experiment with apple and pear butter now :)Thanks for the great recipe.

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