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Zephyr - A Sweet From Post-Soviet Countries


Zephyr is a very common sweet produced in Post-Soviet countries. Outwardly it’s similar to marshmallow, but it’s made with pureed apple (or other fruit), egg white, and pectin. It’s considered to be very healthy, as it contains a lot of pectins and almost no fat (the varieties of Zephyr I’m showing you today contain 0.2% fat). You can see that it’s recommended by the Latvian Dietitian Association:

Zephyr is a sweet recommended by dieticians

Why is this sweet called Zephyr? Probably because it’s delicate and tender like a light wind. Zephyr produced in Latvia comes in a number of flavours such as cranberry, cherry, strawberry, cream flavoured or just neutrally sweet. It can also be coated in chocolate. My favourite is cranberry Zephyr, it contains bits of tangy cranberries:

Cranberry Zephyr

This cream-flavoured Zephyr is coated in light waffle crumbs. As you can see, the texture is denser and more moist than that of marshmallow:

Latvian Zephyr

Each Zephyr is made of two halves resembling seashells that are stuck together:

Two kinds of Zephyr sweet


It can be eaten as a standalone sweet or as an ingredient in treats like cakes or layered desserts. I like little cubes of cranberry Zephyr in my hot chocolate:

Zephyr in hot chocolate

I’m not sure if it can be made at home, but if I ever succeed to recreate it, I will certainly let you know.

I’m curious if there’s anything similar to Zephyr in your countries. I would also love to know if you’d be interested in more reviews of Eastern European specialties?

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