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Zephyr - A Sweet From Post-Soviet Countries


Zephyr is a very common sweet produced in Post-Soviet countries. Outwardly it’s similar to marshmallow, but it’s made with pureed apple (or other fruit), egg white, and pectin. It’s considered to be very healthy, as it contains a lot of pectins and almost no fat (the varieties of Zephyr I’m showing you today contain 0.2% fat). You can see that it’s recommended by the Latvian Dietitian Association:

Zephyr is a sweet recommended by dieticians

Why is this sweet called Zephyr? Probably because it’s delicate and tender like a light wind. Zephyr produced in Latvia comes in a number of flavours such as cranberry, cherry, strawberry, cream flavoured or just neutrally sweet. It can also be coated in chocolate. My favourite is cranberry Zephyr, it contains bits of tangy cranberries:

Cranberry Zephyr

This cream-flavoured Zephyr is coated in light waffle crumbs. As you can see, the texture is denser and more moist than that of marshmallow:

Latvian Zephyr

Each Zephyr is made of two halves resembling seashells that are stuck together:

Two kinds of Zephyr sweet


It can be eaten as a standalone sweet or as an ingredient in treats like cakes or layered desserts. I like little cubes of cranberry Zephyr in my hot chocolate:

Zephyr in hot chocolate

I’m not sure if it can be made at home, but if I ever succeed to recreate it, I will certainly let you know.

I’m curious if there’s anything similar to Zephyr in your countries. I would also love to know if you’d be interested in more reviews of Eastern European specialties?

Crocuses in a pot

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82 Responses

  1. mindy says:

    I think these might be like meringue… egg whites that have been beaten,usually with cream of tarter. They are sweetened and baked in a low oven?? Mmm.. zephyrs look very yummy.

    I have been following you blog for a little while and have really enjoyed your recipes. We have a dear friend from Belarus, we were looking for something she had made… when we stumbled upon your blog. Keep up the good work. We are reading from Florida, US. :)

    • Alina says:

      Oh thank you so much Mindy, I just realized I didn’t reply to your kind comment!! So sorry! As far as I know, Zephyrs are not baked, they are just formed into seashell-shaped halves and dried out!
      Thank you for reading our blog!!

    • Marge says:

      You are mistaking Zefir with Baise, french sweets made of eggwhites whipped with sugar and dryed in the oven at a very low temp.

      Zefir, like pastila, is mainly made of apple pure from sweet apples, beaten for hours with agar-agar and left in an oper air to dry.
      Zefir is very soft and deliate, with no american feeod to compare to. It is not dry or crunchy.

      Zefir is a very healthy snack, because of almost no sugar and a lot of agar.

      • Habiibullahi says:

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      • LearNèd says:

        Marge, you know nothing. Where were mostly landlocked Russians going to get agar to make pastila in the 1500’s? An extract of seaweed?

        Traditional pastila did not make use of agar. Nor did they use gelatin, like agar another lazy culinary shortcut, only this one post-soviet. Pastila relied entirely on the pectin in the fruit they used in order to maintain texture, and were, like “baisers de Malmédy,” not “baise” as you misspelled it, dried at a warm temperature in an oven.

        The original recipe for zefir in the 19th century combined an italian meringue with the apple or other fruit base.

  2. Interesting sweet, I have never heard of it in spite of travelling to Soviet Republics. Its free from sugar and butter. The popular dessert from NZ/Australia, pavlova, is a meringue. Its called Pavlova, named after a Russian lady that visited that part of the world. Maybe there is a connection.

    And I didn’t know that zephyr’s were served in fancy glasses:)

  3. Johanna says:

    I live in Canada and enjoy reading your blog. The recipes and reviews are like a quick trip around the world! I made your recipe for layered rye bread dessert. It was unlike anything I’d ever tasted before - and so yummy! Everyone who had the dessert really liked it. I look forward to reading about, and sampling when possible, more of your unique foods. I sure would love to taste a Zephyr!

    • Alina says:

      Nice to meet you Johanna! Thank you very much for your feedback - I’m always so excited to hear someone made our recipes, and of course I’m happy to hear you liked that dessert. Feel free to post any suggestions to improve the recipes you’ve tried!

  4. anonymous says:

    In the US, there is the meringue. It’s fat free and similar to zephyrs, but without the fruit puree. Here, we might put chopped nuts/crushed peppermint candies/chocolate chips in the meringue and make meringue cookies with them. However, I’m not a very big fan of them, as they are EXTREMELY sweet.(almost like eating straight from the sugar jar) Are zephyrs extremely sweet as well?

    And YES! please review more of these products! I find it absolutely interesting to learn more about other countries’ culture.

    Love your pictures!

    • Alina says:

      Thank you a lot anonymous :) Meringue is made with egg whites, right? Well I think Zephyr is not as sweet as meringue. Although it depends on the variety. That’s why I’m a patriot of Latvian zephyr - it’s moderately sweet and fluffy inside.

      • anonymous says:

        Your welcome :D Yes, meringue is made with egg whites, sugar, and sometimes cream of tartar(to stabilize it). The ratio is 1 egg white and 1/3 cup of sugar (i think!). I have managed to make slightly moist and fluffy meringues before by decreasing the sugar content. Maybe the base for a zephyr is 1 egg white + 1/4 cup of sugar + fruit extract? Or maybe it’s 1 egg white + 1/3 cup of sugar + fruit puree folded in? Please try to recreate this recipe - I can’t find it on google! I will definitely be waiting for it!

        • Alina says:

          You see, I’m not so sure these can be made at home because they’re not baked or thermally treated in any way :-o perhaps that’s the reason why there’s no recipe on the web :-/ Thank you for sharing your meringue ratio by the way, last time I made meringues they came out a little bit chewy :)

  5. Zephyrs are similar to meringue, however they are a lot heavier, less crumbly and more chewy (I suppose because of the use of the puree), am I right?

    It is hilarious, isn’t it, that Latvian dietitian association recommends zephys - low far, but filthilly packed with sugar:)

    • Alina says:

      Katrina, well I’d say they’re not crumbly at all, the varieties you can find here in Riga are somewhat moist inside.
      Zephyrs are packed with sugar, but they’re healthier than chocolate bars, aren’t they? I’ve seen Weight Watchers’ point charts adapted for Latvia and zephyr was one of the few sweets on which you could go practically unpunished.
      Thank you for stopping by, your blog sounds intriguing, I’ll take a closer look at it later - I’m so drowsy right now :-/

    • Marge says:

      You are mistaking Zefir with Baise, french sweets made of eggwhites whipped with sugar and dryed in the oven at a very low temp.

      Zefir, like pastila, is mainly made of apple pure from sweet apples, beaten for hours with agar-agar and left in an oper air to dry.
      Zefir is very soft and deliate, with no american feeod to compare to. It is not dry or crunchy.

      Zefir is a very healthy snack, because of almost no sugar and a lot of agar.

  6. yeah, I meant that ‘Soviet’ zephyrs are more chewy, moist than ‘western’ meringues. God, I’d kill for one right now!:)

    hope you’ll stop by for longer at my blog - perhaps we should share a few posts?!

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I love your blog, I’m learning sooo many things. I had no idea these were made from apples. :)

    • Alina says:

      Thank you Jenny! I didn’t realize these were made of apple puree either until I saw a Weightwatchers’ brochure a few years ago! :D

  8. sasha says:

    I grew up with these. Every now and then i can find them at the local Euro-Deli! They are a wonderful reminder of home!

  9. Miss Frangipane says:

    I happened to find Zephirs at a russian market a couple of days ago…they remind me of marshmallow, but with more pleasant tanginess.

    I also bought a box of Latvian “Vecriga with raisins” cookies, and a “hearth baked parboiled rye bread”,also from Latvia(I love dark, substantial bread!). Parboiled!? Interesting.

    • Alina says:

      Wow that’s amazing you tried Zephyrs and Latvian foods!! Where do you actually live? The Zephyrs must have been from Latvia too, weren’t they? Those made in Russia are normally sweeter, with little tanginess.
      As for parboiled rye bread… hmm *I guess* it just means that the dough was made by combining flour and boiling water (something similar to choux pastry, in Russian it’s called Zavarnoe testo)… That’s what I think they meant by calling it parboiled. Was the bread very dark and dense?

      • Alina says:

        Oh and Vecriga means Old Riga btw :)

      • Miss Frangipane says:

        Yes, it’s a dark and dense rye bread with caraway seeds. I also bought “classic rye bread” by the same Latvian company (Balt Trade), so I’m looking forward to try that, too.

        I also tried a Russian chocolate-covered cheese dessert, and liked it very much. Do you eat this in Latvia, too?

        And I bought something I had never tasted nor heard before–birch juice from Ukraine…it’s slightly sweet and clear in color…There are so many interesting food in this world and I want to try everything!!

        • Alina says:

          Yeeees birch juice is delicious!! Just hope you got to buy a good brand because sometimes they sell very diluted and sweetened juice. It’s one of the best thirst quenchers I know, really. Ah I want a glass of birch juice now :)
          And that chocolate-covered cheese dessert is called “Syrok” (”Little Cheese”), yes, we have a lot of them over here, I was actually going to write about them someday under the “Product Review” section. They can also be flavoured with fruit, berries, chocolate chips, nuts, or whatever else matches cottage cheese. I always have a couple of these in the fridge - it’s a great lunchtime snack!
          I’m so excited you have the opportunity to try all these foods!

  10. Marina says:

    Well I don’t know if you’ve found the recipe yet or not, but I definately know that forum has a recipe that includes, eggwhites, sugar, agar-agar (this one settles at room temperature and does not need heating like pectin or other gelifying agents.
    The lady that makes the zephyr, makes them to order and she shared the recipe on the website. You can look in there I’m sure you’ll find it :)

    • Alina says:

      Wow thank you so much Marina!! I found the recipe you were talking about… sounds intriguing! I should definitely try it, although I´m not sure our baby will allow me to spend so much time in the kitchen :D You have a wonderful blog by the way, your photography is so professional. Do you have a twitter account to follow you?
      Thank you once again!

  11. Mr. Zephyr says:

    Where can I buy some of this?

  12. peanut says:

    I live in Atlanta, GA and just recently picked up from a local international farmer’s market, Zefir Re Cream Nezhniy. What a wild wonderful experience, especially since I was expecting more of the merengue crunch, less of the marshmallow chewy sweetness, and never expected the ponch of tart! The ingredients listed are: sugar molasses, apple jam, water, egg powder, pectin, lactic acid. One is certainly too sweet for me on its own, however, fabulous in a s’more!

    • Fernando says:

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    • BION I’m impressed! Cool post!

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  14. Lucija says:

    Hey,this post probably died a long time ago,so I may be a bit late with my reply.Anyways,I’, from a baltic country,this is one of the most sweets in my neighboording countries,I myself am from Lithuania,and zephyrs are something you can find in almost every shop(from big supermarkets to little convenience shops in the most secluded areas),in every region of the country .
    As for how it’s made…I am quite experienced with making sweets,since pastry is my hobby,so I can assure you zephyrs have nothing to do with meringues,they are just similar in appearance .Meringues are made in three ways ( french ,swiss and italian),and all except the italian meringue ,must be cooked (more like dried)in the oven.Pavlova uses the same cooked meringue ,only garnished with berries and whipped cream.To make vanilla zephyrs you must make the sugar syrup ,then dissolve gelatine and whip for like 20 minutes ,before adding vanilla,lemon juice and baking soda ,whipping after each addition and finally yo pipe them and let them dry.You can also make apple puree(cook them in the oven,grind it ),then you add caster sugar to the purre and cooked ,stirring constantly until it starts to thicken.Then you beat egg whites into the mass ,add gelatine and it’s done.If you want accurate recipes,with proportions tell me :).
    Anyway,I hope I was helpful,if you have any questions about sweets of eastern europe,russia or poland ,ask me :)

    • Elena says:

      Hi Lucija,

      I just came across your post about making zephyrs. I am from Ukraine who moved to the U.S. when I was a little girl. However, I still remember the wonderful taste of zephyr. I now have a little boy of my own, and I would love to make zephyr for him. If it is not too much trouble for you, can you send me your recipe for zephyr? Thanks! :-)


    • Erika says:

      Thank you for the good tips on Zephyrs. We just adopted our daughter from Lithuania and I want to make her the pink Zephyrs that she shows me in pictures and really likes. I am going to try what you said. If you have any more specifics for the pink kind I would soo appreciate it! Thank you so much!

    • Erika says:

      Hi Lucija,
      I thank you for your expertise in cooking from Lithuania! We just adopted our daughter from your wonderful country and I would so appreciate any more tips you might have on how to make the pink kind of zephyr! :)
      Thank you,

    • Linda Smith (Me) says:

      Hi hi , I don’t know if the page is still open I’ve only just found the site. I would be really grateful if you could send me the recipe for the zephyrs, they sound amazing I love collecting and making sweets from different countries. Thankyou so much. Xxx

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