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My Mom’s Paintings

Posted By Alina On May 1, 2011 @ 20:32 In Beyond Eastern Europe | 8 Comments

Unicorn 2

Some time ago I mentioned I was taking pictures of something beautiful, that I would show you later. Today I would like to finally present my Mother’s paintings that I’ve photographed. We had a kind of a catalogue with printed photos of her works before, but it was rather out of date. We have also opened a new Page on Facebook [1], so if you like the artworks, please give her a Like :o)

My Mother, Natalia Petropavlovska, is a professional artist. She studied Graphic Art in the Latvian Academy of Arts. TheĀ  techniques she has mastered include various Etching techniques such as Mezzotint [2], Aquatint [3], and soft ground etching, as well as Woodcut [4], which she has used for creating bookplates. Her favourite printmaking technique is Mezzotint, because the prints resemble pencil drawing that she likes so much. She has always enjoyed working with colour however, so soon she developed her own watercolour technique, which she uses nowadays. It involves vibrant, almost psychedelic palette with light highlights that add volume to shapes.

Speaking about classic art, she admires Gothic miniatures, Early Renaissance (Giotto and Botticelli in particular), and Pre-Raphaelites, especially Dante Rossetti. Her favourite Russian painters include Vrubel [5] and Somov [6].

Here I am posting some of my Mother’s paintings from various years, including the Italian series from 2011. I’ve never been to Italy, but I’ve seen the photos and I believe these works really recreate the clear air and the tranquility of the Italian lakes.

The Sphinx series is one of her own favourites.

Lake Como

Lake Lugano

Italian Switzerland


Summer Dream | watercolour, 26.8×18.9″

Winter Dream | watercolour, 26.8×18.9″

Palma Cathedral At Night | watercolour, 27.6×18.9″

Mallorca Beach | watercolour, 27.6×18.9″

Still Life Under Palm Trees | watercolour, 27.6×18.9″

Sphinx And Anubis | watercolour, 26.8×21.7″

Egyptian Sphinx | watercolour, 26.8×21.7″

Evening In The Park | watercolour, 25.6×19.7″

A Morning In Balaklava | watercolour, 23.6×18.9″

At Dawn | watercolour, 18.5×19.7″

Still Life With Tulips And Herons | watercolour, 17.7×23.6″

Still Life With Blue Chrysanthemums and Partridges | watercolour, 17.7×23.6″

Still Life With Radishes | watercolour, 25.2×18.1″

Still Life With A Vase | watercolour, 19.3×23.6″


Natalia Petropavlovskaya in Venice

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