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Cheremsha (Ramsons, wild garlic)

Cheremsha (Ramsons)
In a cold country like Latvia, Cheremsha (Russian name for Ramsons, or wild garlic) is one of the earliest sources of vitamins. Cheremsha grows in shady woodlands and its green parts resemble garlic by scent and flavour. The smell can be pretty long-lasting, but it’s worth it, for each leaf is packed with vitamin C and minerals. I prefer to eat Cheremsha on its own with coarse salt, but it’s also a great and healthy addition to any spring vegetable salad. Some other uses for fresh Cheremsha include soups, sandwiches, and pie fillings; it can also be pickled, but not dried.

Do you have/eat ramsons in your area?

Ramson flower

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11 Responses

  1. Miri says:


    I am from Slovakia and we have them in our area. I love it and eat all the time, when it’s available :) It is best with the bread, fresh butter and salt.

  2. ping says:

    This is very interesting indeed. The buds look a lot like our local chives flowers (we usually stir fry them with roast pork) and the taste you described of the leaves sounds a whole lot like leeks :D

    • Alina says:

      Hi Ping! I’ve never seen chives flowers before - chives are not very popular here anyway! It’s so exciting that there’re so many similar yet different edible plants around!

  3. Amanda says:

    hmm… interesting

    • Alina says:


    • Yulia says:

      Thank you so much for showing us all how you make peenar. This is quite similar to how I’ve made it in the past, but it’s great to read your instructions so that I can fine-tune the way I make it. Your step-by-step photos are really helpful. The peenar looks so pretty on that pinkish-red dish. I really like cooking with peenar, so am very happy to read your instructions as well as all your great recipes using it. Thanks again.

    • That’s an inventive answer to an interesting question

  4. Aarthi says:

    Hai Dear

    This looks yummy….you have a lovely blog…Please check out my blog..It is for food lovers and person who love to cook..You could find so many recipes that you can easily try at home..I update this blog on a regular basis…So please follow me and motivate me..Thank you


  5. I’ve never heard of these guys. I don’t remember them in Moldova and we definitely don’t have them in Boston ;)

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