Two Chicory Drinks

Chicory Coffee

You might have noticed that I often complain about food diversity/availability here in Latvia. That’s why we decided we’d occasionally write about our favourite Latvian or Eastern European products. Some of them are also available overseas; some are specific to Latvia. Just to let you know there are good foods here too 🙂 Because despite all criticism, there are plenty of local foods I’ll miss when I move away. And, with all the travel collapse in Europe, we will soon have to turn to domestic produce, hehe. Which would look, however, quite miserable, as I went to buy some greens the other day and found out that the spring onions were from Cyprus, the dills were from Israel, and the rocket salad had arrived from Sweden. Why can’t we grow our local dills and onions?.. Okay okay enough of this… I was actually going to write about chicory root extract!

Chicory root extract

This thick and dark liquid made of roasted chicory root is produced in Ukraine. I had tried ground chicory root drink before I discovered this, and I can say that liquid extract is much much better. A huge advantage is that you can easily dissolve it in cold water. It is made of chicory extract (70%) and water (30%). No sugar, and 45% natural inulin, which is great news for diabetics. And of course chicory is a good caffeine-free coffee substitute. I hardly ever drink coffee – unless I need to stay awake for 24 hours in a row, yelling at others, feeling stressed, irritated, and awkward. No thanks; I’d rather have a cup of fake coffee made of chicory root 🙂

I’m sure most of you have heard of chicory root coffee, yet there’s another chicory drink you might not have tried before. It’s made with cold water and fresh lemon juice and makes a refreshing, bitter-ish drink, slightly resembling Kvas. And again, just think how healthy it is!

Do you have any other chicory drink suggestions?

Refreshing chicory drink


Chicory coffee (1 cup)

1 tsp liquid chicory root extract
2 tsp sugar (or use sugar substitute)
Hot water
Cream to taste

Dissolve the chicory extract in hot water, add sugar and cream to taste. Enjoy the mild coffee flavour!

Chicory root coffee

Chicory root coffee


Chicory cold drink (1 glass)

1/3 tsp liquid chicory root extract
2 tsp sugar (or use sugar substitute)
Cold water
Juice of 2 slices of lemon
Lemon for decoration, sliced
Ice (optional)

Dissolve the chicory extract in cold water by stirring vigorously, add sugar and fresh lemon juice, add ice cubes (optionally), and decorate with slices of lemon.

Chicory cold drink

Chicory root extract